What Will It Cost?

Solutions To Suit Your Budget

We build our solutions around you. That means that we don’t have a standard price list, as we prefer to understand your needs before deciding on what services you require and providing a quote accordingly.

Big or small, all business will have different requirements and expectations of an email marketing service. So for us the key factor is really how much support from us you’ll need to deliver your campaigns.

For example you may have a fragmented list, that is held in a number of databases, and want to send bespoke messages to each segment, that require radically different designs for each execution.

In this case it is likely that you would require significant support, both in setting up and managing your campaigns as well as in the design and build of the different messages aimed at particular groups of customers.

Contrast this with a situation where you have an established list, which is in good condition and would like to use the same template for a regular newsletter, and you can see the level of involvement would be very different.

Then of course we would need to factor in the size of your lists, how frequently you intend to mail them and whether or not you would want to use advanced features like sending follow up messages to those who respond.

Afraid Of Commitment?

We believe that the real beauty of email marketing is that it allows you to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis, building their relationship with your brand and keeping your business front of mind.

That’s why the majority of our clients sign up to a monthly contract with us. Not only does it spread the set up costs over a number of campaigns, giving even better returns, but also it means that we can work them to deliver a long term communications strategy that grows with their business.

Of course we understand that some clients may only want to support specific events or promotions, or would like to see email marketing working for them before committing to a regular schedule of communications.

Which is why we are equally committed to delivering powerful communications for those clients who prefer to look at each campaign as a separate piece of work, with it’s own objectives and designated budget.

And when we can turn around campaigns from start to finish in a matter of days rather than weeks, it’s easy to see the appeal of being able to organise email campaigns as and when the need arises.