Additional Services

We Can Take Care of All Your Digital Marketing Needs

At AdvertNama our focus is delivering the best possible email marketing solutions for our clients. However from time to time we’re asked if we can help them with other aspects of their digital marketing strategy.

We’re happy to help because we understand that to be truly successful, all of the elements of online marketing need to work in harmony. Over time we have found ourselves delivering a wide range of complementary services.

Strategy & Planning

Before any successful campaign comes preparation. Understanding how your business works is crucial in helping you get the most from your online marketing activity. We can help you identify needs, develop a suitable strategy, set objectives and manage the implementation of the appropriate solutions, making sure that your campaigns deliver the results you need.

Web Design & Site Management

Most businesses today will have a website. However this is not to say that it meets their needs, or indeed those of their customers. In addition to developing microsites to support specific email campaigns, we can also provide objective analysis of your online presence, and offer a range of solutions from content management through to the development and delivery of a whole new site.

Content Generation

Of course marketing online isn’t just a technical challenge. So while it’s important to have a solution that works, it’s all for nothing if you don’t have anything to say. Digital marketing offers a wealth of opportunities to deliver dynamic and exiting content that gets customers engaging with your brand. So if you need the words and images to take your campaigns to the next level, we can help.

Search Marketing

Search engines can provide a steady stream of leads to your business. By searching for a product or service, customers are clearly interested in what you have to offer, making this one of the most effective forms of promotion. However this won’t happen by accident. We can ensure that your site is optimised to appear in search results, as well as managing search based advertising.

Mobile Marketing

If you want to take your digital marketing even further we can provide access to a range of cutting edge technologies that will open your brand up to a whole range of new promotional opportunities. From marketing messages sent by SMS, to the development of branded mobile games, we can help