Rights and Wrongs

Best Practice Delivers The Best Result

The Rights and Wrongs of Email Marketing

We believe that when used appropriately email is an incredibly powerful tool for delivering marketing communications. Unfortunately there are those who abuse the low delivery cost of email to send huge numbers of unsolicited messages.

This is commonly known as spam, and is often used to promote products of dubious legality, with no regard to whether the message is appropriate for the individual receiving it (for example children).

It is estimated that more than half of all email sent is spam. As well as causing considerable inconvenience to users, spam diminishes the effectiveness of email marketing by legitimate businesses.

As such we believe the first priority of anybody using email marketing must be compliance with the appropriate regulations, giving recipients the right to choose whether or not they want to receive messages.

In essence these mean you should only use lists where you have prior permission to send email, and always provide recipients with the opportunity to opt out of future mailings within each message.

Maximise Returns

Of course this does mean there’s more to email than randomly sending thousands of messages in the hope of a few responses. However we believe that best practice also delivers the best results.

When you think about it, if someone has chosen to receive messages from you then they are interested in what you have to say and will have the highest potential to convert to sales. Regular communication with these people will build their relationship with your brand and increase your share of wallet.

Whereas if you send messages to a ‘cold’ list, you’re likely to annoy more people than you’ll attract, damaging your brand and harming future sales in the process. In which case is this really the best use of your budget?

So it’s on this basis that we believe that following the guidelines helps not only to protect the reputation of those using email marketing, but that it is also essential if you are to get maximum return from your campaigns.

Our Position

At AdvertNama we fully support measures to prevent the abuse of email marketing and take compliance with the regulations very seriously.

We do not believe in the use of brokered lists, as we support opt in email marketing. We insist that our clients confirm that their lists are compliant before we send emails on their behalf, and all our campaigns are permission based and allow the recipient to unsubscribe at any point.