Can’t Anybody Do It?

There's More To Email Than You Might Think

But surely anyone can send emails? After all any email software would allow you to create a mailing list of hundreds if not thousands of recipients. So if you want to create an email campaign, why couldn’t you just do it yourself?

Well there is much more to it than you might think, which is why we can help you to get the results you need without the hassle. Here are six reasons why it might be better to give us a call instead.

1. Time

First of all it’s time consuming. While it is possible to send large volumes of messages through a regular email program this doesn’t mean that it’s easy. It can often be a lengthy and complex operation. We can manage any number of lists, segments and messages using our sophisticated database software.

2. Data Protection

Then of course you don’t want to give away your list. Although it is possible to use the BCC function to hide your recipients, this is likely to fall foul of automatic filters which will often delete such messages as being spam. Our systems avoid this problem as each message is generated on individual basis.

3. Return Address

In line with regulations you also need to offer an address to which recipients can reply to opt out of the mailing list. Do you want all of these clogging your inbox, not to mention those that bounce back? We can make the message appear to come from any address you wish and handle all of the responses.

4. Reporting

If you do it yourself, apart from all those that bounce back as undeliverable, you would have no idea whether anyone has even seen, let alone acted upon your message. With our tracking we can tell you not only who has read your message, but when, how many times, and what links they have followed.

5. Creative

Of course if your creative isn’t up to scratch then it’s unlikely that your customers would take notice of your message, even if it does make it into their Inbox. Our experience in producing quality design means your messages have the impact to help maximise the return from your campaigns.